Daniel Ricciardo and friends is must-see quarantine TV

This is Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.


And this is pro snowboarder Scotty James.

Scotty James

And this is Australian cricketer Marcus Stoinis.


They’re hot. They’re Australian. They’re BFFs and have an adorable friendship. They speak in Australian accents. And they’re having a lot of fun in quarantine.

The trio have been giving each other challenges on Instagram and posting them daily on their stories. The challenges started out simple enough with things like trick shots and catching grapes in their mouths.


But as quarantine has gone on and our brains have gotten weirder, so have the challenges. Challenges that range from feats of athleticism like juggling tennis balls against a wall while standing on one foot.

To juggling eggs while trying to sit down and back up again.

Sometimes the challenges are just weird, like getting dressed mid-handstand.

And… whatever this is.

The challenges have even ventured into gross territory at times, like this raw eggs challenge.

They’re all fun though, and the boys are obviously having a blast (how could you not in those amazing houses???). I mean, when you have that much space, you might as well make use of all of it.

Anyways, watching this on Instagram is the first thing I do in the mornings. I love it. Thank you Daniel and friends (and also thank you for being handsome).

Follow @danielricciardo, @scottyjames31, and @MarcusStoinis on Instagram.

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