Mike Looney, Motor Mile Looking Forward to 2019 Return

BY CARA COOPER NASCAR.COM FEBRUARY 19, 2019 Mike Looney began his storied racing career at Motor Mile Speedway in 1995, when he was just 16 years old. He has more good stories from races at the Radford, Virginia, track than he can remember in one sitting. There’s his first win at the track – “I can’tContinue reading “Mike Looney, Motor Mile Looking Forward to 2019 Return”

Team USA’s historic curling victory, in their own words

By CARA COOPER Redemption. Unprecedented. Historic. There’s no one word to describe Team USA’s men’s curling victory in the gold medal game Saturday morning. For a team in a sport that is known for yelling, the victory left John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner speechless. “It’s too surreal to even think aboutContinue reading “Team USA’s historic curling victory, in their own words”

Maintaining a childlike enthusiasm for sports

By CARA COOPER In late July of 2016, an older guy at my work who likes to talk sports with me asked if I had heard about the Cubs most recent trade. “They got that big closer from the Yankees. He seems like he’s the man. I watched some highlights. Wow! I can’t believe howContinue reading “Maintaining a childlike enthusiasm for sports”

William Byron leads young group of NASCAR’s iRacers

By CARA COOPER William Byron has technically only been competing in races for six years, but he’s been racing just about his entire life. While other NASCAR Cup Series drivers practically grew up behind the wheel, driving go karts a decade or more before they could legally get a drivers license, Byron’s childhood was spentContinue reading “William Byron leads young group of NASCAR’s iRacers”