Knowing the struggle: How cross country runners fall in love with the sport

 By CARA COOPER In September, nearly a dozen schools traveled down to Smith River Sports Complex for Bassett’s annual “Bengals Clash at the River” cross country meet. It was a grueling day, with temperatures up in the mid-90s with extreme humidity. But that was no matter for the 50 middle schoolers and more than 150Continue reading “Knowing the struggle: How cross country runners fall in love with the sport”

NASCAR and finding a cure for my imposter syndrome

By CARA COOPER A couple of weeks ago I covered my TENTH race weekend at Martinsville Speedway. The newspaper where I work is just five miles from the track, and I sort of serve as the unofficial track beat reporter, so three times a year I cover races in various forms there. And every timeContinue reading “NASCAR and finding a cure for my imposter syndrome”

Baseball’s unwritten rules need to go

By CARA COOPER I love baseball. I think it’s the greatest sport on earth. However, sometimes it can be really stupid. Not even fun stupid either, just stupid-stupid. And there is nothing more stupid than baseball’s “unwritten rules.” Rules like “never lay down a bunt to break up an opposing pitcher’s no-hitter.” That happened WednesdayContinue reading “Baseball’s unwritten rules need to go”

What I love about sports today

By CARA COOPER There was a segment that used to air on SportsCenter called “Why We Love Sports Today.” It was basically just something funny or heartwarming, romanticizing a sports moment or person. It was supposed to be a brief moment to remind viewers of all the good that can come from sports and whyContinue reading “What I love about sports today”

What is the coolest move in sports?

By CARA COOPER A couple of years ago, right after I graduated from college, my friends asked me to play on their church league co-ed volleyball team. I played for a couple of seasons and we really got into it. I didn’t play volleyball in high school because back then I was stubborn and didn’tContinue reading “What is the coolest move in sports?”