Team USA’s historic curling victory, in their own words

By CARA COOPER Redemption. Unprecedented. Historic. There’s no one word to describe Team USA’s men’s curling victory in the gold medal game Saturday morning. For a team in a sport that is known for yelling, the victory left John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton and John Landsteiner speechless. “It’s too surreal to even think aboutContinue reading “Team USA’s historic curling victory, in their own words”

William Byron leads young group of NASCAR’s iRacers

By CARA COOPER William Byron has technically only been competing in races for six years, but he’s been racing just about his entire life. While other NASCAR Cup Series drivers practically grew up behind the wheel, driving go karts a decade or more before they could legally get a drivers license, Byron’s childhood was spentContinue reading “William Byron leads young group of NASCAR’s iRacers”

Knowing the struggle: How cross country runners fall in love with the sport

 By CARA COOPER In September, nearly a dozen schools traveled down to Smith River Sports Complex for Bassett’s annual “Bengals Clash at the River” cross country meet. It was a grueling day, with temperatures up in the mid-90s with extreme humidity. But that was no matter for the 50 middle schoolers and more than 150Continue reading “Knowing the struggle: How cross country runners fall in love with the sport”

Baseball’s unwritten rules need to go

By CARA COOPER I love baseball. I think it’s the greatest sport on earth. However, sometimes it can be really stupid. Not even fun stupid either, just stupid-stupid. And there is nothing more stupid than baseball’s “unwritten rules.” Rules like “never lay down a bunt to break up an opposing pitcher’s no-hitter.” That happened WednesdayContinue reading “Baseball’s unwritten rules need to go”

What I love about sports today

By CARA COOPER There was a segment that used to air on SportsCenter called “Why We Love Sports Today.” It was basically just something funny or heartwarming, romanticizing a sports moment or person. It was supposed to be a brief moment to remind viewers of all the good that can come from sports and whyContinue reading “What I love about sports today”