What is the coolest move in Winter Olympic sports?

By CARA COOPER A couple of months ago, I wrote a column asking the important question “what is the coolest move in sports?” Well, since it’s Olympic time and that’s literally all I’ve watched or paid attention to for the last 13 days (not an exaggeration), I thought I’d ask the question again – whatContinue reading “What is the coolest move in Winter Olympic sports?”

Don’t insult the Olympics by making it on a technicality

By CARA COOPERThere was a movie that came out a couple of years ago called “Eddie the Eagle,” based on the true story of British ski jumper Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.Basically, Edwards was a dorky kid who had one dream – making it to the Olympics. He tried a bunch of different things until heContinue reading “Don’t insult the Olympics by making it on a technicality”

How to pick your NCAA tournament bracket

By CARA COOPER Last year around this time, my newspaper’s newsroom did what just about every office in the United States did and held an office pool for NCAA Tournament brackets. It’s the same every year. The winner gets to hang their bracket on the wall with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles victory ribbon forContinue reading “How to pick your NCAA tournament bracket”

Who’s the best current pro athlete from Virginia? Pt. 2

By CARA COOPER Welcome back for part two of my definitive list of best current Virginia athletes. As a reminder, I’m ranking the top 8 best athletes currently playing who call (or have called) Virginia home. To refresh your memory, the rules are: – The athlete has to be currently competing or not yet retired.Continue reading “Who’s the best current pro athlete from Virginia? Pt. 2”

Virginia is for lovers and athletes

By CARA COOPER Last weekend as I was watching the NASCAR race, I heard the announcers on the TV say “Chesterfield, Virginia native Denny Hamlin.” I knew Denny was from Virginia, but the thought struck me after hearing that – is Denny the biggest current Virginia-born athlete? I wondered this for a few minutes andContinue reading “Virginia is for lovers and athletes”